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Meet Samantha Cooper

June 14, 2018

Samantha hails from Virginia the state of lovers. She is married and has 2 young boys. Samantha has been a blogger for the past 7 ½ years and loves working from home and homeschooling the boys. An animal lover at… read more

California Red Onion Salmonella Outbreak

July 31, 2020

California is among 34 states to have an outbreak of Salmonella due to red onions. This doesn’t come as a shock seeing the trend in rising cases among the many states. While people are finding themselves hospitalized from this outbreak,… read more

Arizona Red Onion Salmonella Outbreak

July 31, 2020

The Arizona Red Onion Salmonella Outbreak has infected 14 people in Arizona with Salmonella.  Arizona is involved in a Salmonella outbreak that has been linked to a household favorite around the entire country; red onions. This Arizona Red Onion Salmonella… read more

Wyoming Red Onion Salmonella Outbreak

July 31, 2020

Wyoming hasn’t been able to escape the latest Salmonella outbreak which seems to be rooted (no pun intended) in red onions. Current CDC statistics say that there are 11 reported cases which everyone knows could be many more as often… read more

Hy-Vee Cyclospora Bagged Salad Recall

June 29, 2020

There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that you have a recalled product in your fridge or pantry. This time as with many in the past there has been a cyclospora related recall in several stores including Hy-Vee…. read more

Aldi Cyclospora Bagged Salad Recall

June 29, 2020

Aldi is a well known store for getting the best grocery deals, but unfortunately they have become involved in the latest Cyclospora outbreak from their bagged salad. Here’s what we know about this Aldi Cyclospora Bagged Salad Recall: The Recall… read more

Jewel-Osco Cyclospora Bagged Salads Recall

June 29, 2020

Unfortunately another loved grocery chain has been affected by the latest Cyclospora outbreak. Here’s what we know about the Jewel-Osco Cyclospora Bagged Salads Recall: Jewel-Osco Recalls Bagged Salads Here is what Jewel-Osco had to say about the outbreak and recall:… read more

Meal Kit Food Safety

June 21, 2020

With many states having stay at home orders enacted finding alternative sources for food can be quite tricky. We have tested out several meal kit delivery options over the last several weeks as well as companies who send produce. Living… read more

Dramatic Increase in Sushi Parasites over 40 Year Span

May 27, 2020

I was never a huge fan of sushi until my adult years when I found a few rolls and pieces that I did really love. I am always quite careful in where we dine when it comes to sushi, and… read more

Don’t Kiss Chickens: A Practical Guide to Backyard Chicken Care

May 26, 2020

5 AM and what’s that sound? Oh yes, it’s the rooster and he is ready to rise and shine. People think of chickens as these pleasant little creatures who poop breakfast (and lunch, and dinner), and while that may be… read more