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specializing in

food poisoning and Legionnaires’ cases

We believe that when companies sell food for a profit, that food should be safe to eat.

we have over

20 years experience and knowledge

Our mission is to make food safe for families nationwide.

we have won

millions of dollars for our clients

Our clients call us when something terrible has happened and they need our help.

current investigations

1 in 6 Americans get food poisoning each year. Add up the numbers - that's 48 million illnesses each year.


1 in 6 Americans get food poisoning each year. Add up the numbers - that's 48 million illnesses each year.

June 5, 2024

Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak

June 3, 2024

Cucumber Salmonella Outbreaks

April 30, 2024

Walnut E. coli Outbreak

our victories

$10 M

Shigella Food Poisoning & Reactive Arthritis

Largest settlement in U.S. history for Reactive Arthritis caused by Shigella food poisoning.


$7 M

Contaminated Food Product

Record-Setting Settlement on behalf of four people who were injured or died from consuming a contaminated food product.


$4.6 M

Legionnaires' Disease / Legionella

On behalf of 11 people who were hospitalized with Legionnaires' disease.


$4 M


In a products liability case for the family of a 54-year-old man who died.


$3.6 M


In a products liability case for the family of a 58-year old woman who died.


$3.6 M


In a products liability case for a 74-year-old man who died.



Attorney’s fees and expenses totaled .


Food Safety Lawyer protecting your family and community

When contaminated food or water makes you sick, you may wonder whether there is something that you can do about it. You may wonder whether you have a case against the company contaminated the food or water.

Most people have never had a lawyer before, let alone filed a lawsuit of any kind. For 99% of our clients, this is the first time they have ever had to get an attorney’s help. We hope that, after their case concludes, they will never need any attorney’s help again.

We understand that hiring a lawyer or filing a lawsuit can be intimidating for most people

We want to make the legal process easier for our clients. This is why our consultations are always free and without any obligation to retain us. If you do decide to retain us, you do not need to pay up front. We get paid when we get a settlement for you.

Why do we do this? Because we believe every person, regardless of their financial means, deserves to have a good lawyer.

This is why we have a food safety attorney available to talk to you about your situation, help you evaluate your rights, answer your questions, give you legal advice, or just put your mind at ease. This conversation will help us learn about your unique circumstances and see if you may have a case. We believe every claim deserves personal attention and consideration.

Not sure if you need a food poisoning lawyer? That’s ok. Just let us know your thoughts. Our food safety lawyer is more than happy to go over the nuances of filing a lawsuit and whether it is best for you – in our humble opinion. Contact us today to schedule a free consult.



"I would like to commend The Lange Law Firm for their efficiency in handling the food poisoning case. They understood our needs and the compensation was great."

GildaFood Poisoning Client


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Top 10 Settlements Personal Injury

Our team won a $10.1 Million settlement on behalf of a family in a Shigella outbreak. The father developed severe Reactive Arthritis as a complication of Shigella. This was the 7th highest settlement reported in California in 2022.

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Food Safe

Each year, 1 in 6 Americans will get food poisoning. When you add up the numbers, that is 48 million illnesses each year. Of these illnesses, about 128,000 of these people will be hospitalized. About 3,000 Americans will die.


Food can become contaminated in many ways with many different vectors. Food can become contaminated with bacteria and viruses due to cross contamination, through sick food workers, the lack of handwashing, the lack of proper heating and cooking, and unsanitary food preparation or farming methods. Food can also become contaminated through the raising ocean temperatures or from animals.

Pathogens are not the only things that can make our food supply unsafe. Harmful chemicals and toxins also account for some of the sources that food has become unsafe in the United States. We get our food from many different countries and places. This makes it increasingly difficult to ensure that everything is properly inspected and checked. For example, imported spices are among those who have rising lead levels. Some forms of imported candy may have paints and dyes that have found to be harmful in humans. Seafood and fish are also coming in through imports with a rise in mercury or other harmful metals and plastics.

There is a growing concern for our food system about that we can do to stop this and help make our food safer for everyone. In the United States, the government has passed a set of laws, known as the Food Safety and Modernization Act, which allows imported to be treated in the same way as local food – with the same regulations and rules as that upon the United States’ standards. This means that other countries’ food must meet the same requirements as American food in order to be imported and sold in the American market.

And it is just in time too. The American food system has a great many issues. It is part of our job to help make the food system safer, for our families, our children, and our communities. From farm to plate, everyone deserves to eat safe food.

When companies sell food that makes people sick, lives can go to pieces.  We help people put the pieces back together again.

But despite the laws and the push for safer food, Americans are still getting sick. That is where we come in. We are the champions for people who have been harmed by contaminated food or water. We use the law to protect your rights.


Food Safety Lawyer Jory Lange sitting on chair
Jory Lange

With 20 years of experience, Lange Law Firm helps families and communities who have been harmed by large corporations.

Jory Lange - Sitting

With 20 years as a products liability lawyer with a nationwide practice, Jory Lange has wide-ranging experience helping families who have been injured by dangerous and defective products.

Before founding his own law firm, Jory was a partner at a high profile national plaintiffs’ law firm, where he served as the firm’s lead trial lawyer for mesothelioma cases and founded the firm’s food safety practice. Jory went on to establish his own law firm, so that he could devote his law practice entirely to helping families who have been affected by food contaminated with pathogens or Legionnaires’ Disease.