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Austin, Texas Water Bummer

Water | October 25, 2018

Water is essential. According to the USGS, up to 60% of your body is water. Half of you are now cracking a joke about how you aren’t 60% water, you are 60% coffee—but have you ever tried making coffee without… read more

Algae Bloom and Climate Change

Water | September 25, 2018

Any serious beachgoer has seen it before. They’ve seen the light. On certain warm summer nights, you might have the chance to see it too. Waves breaking in the twilight with a froth that shines green, like a glowstick near… read more

Brain-Eating Amoebas: How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Freshwater Lakes and Rivers

Water | September 19, 2018

“Brain-Eating Amoebas” – it sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. Honestly, it is just as horrific as it sounds. These brain-eating amoebas can enter the body through your nose when you are diving or swimming underwater in… read more

Food Safety in the Time of Hurricanes

Food Safety,Water | September 18, 2018

For many people across the United States, the end of summer means long, warm evenings, days that grow steadily shorter, and a changing of gears in anticipation of the fall. Schools are filling back up; Starbucks is debuting their usual… read more

Florence Flood Waters Could Carry Infectious Diseases

Water | September 18, 2018

With the death toll nearing 20, Hurricane and later turned Tropical Depression Florence has been devastating for a large part of the east coast of the United States. Virginia has suffered flooding and tornados because of the weakened storm system,… read more

You Might Think Raw Water is Safe, but You’re Wrong

Outbreaks & Recalls,Water | September 7, 2018

I’m all for water collection from the source, as long as its filtered and purified. That means I’m not adverse to the idea of “raw water.” Here’s the thing, raw very rarely means safe. So, the raw water health trend… read more

Could the Pursuit of Optimal Hydration Be Putting You at Risk?

Water | September 6, 2018

We all know that we shouldn’t drink water from BPA bottles left out in the heat for fear of chemical leaching and build up of incubating bacterial backwash.  But did you know there may be danger lurking in the glass… read more

Leptospirosis – The Waterbourne Bacteria You Have Likely Never Heard Of

Outbreaks & Recalls,Water | August 23, 2018

Some 26 people died from the bacterial disease leptospirosis in the United States territory of Puerto Rico during the sixth months that followed Hurricane Maria, according to records obtained by CNN and the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo. Health authorities in… read more

We All Did It, But Was It Safe? Drinking from the Hose That Is…

Water | August 21, 2018

On hot summer day, it may be tempting to drink some cool water from the garden hose or sprinklers.  As parents, there are many experience from our childhood that we would love for our children to experience.  A few of… read more

Don’t Drink that Water You Left in the Car!

Water | August 13, 2018

I’m not sure where I heard it first, but it has been ingrained in me.  “DO NOT LEAVE WATER BOTTLES IN YOUR CAR.”  It makes sense.  Plastic is made from chemicals.  When heated chemicals release into the environment. Water safety… read more