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Food Safety

COVID-19 Testing is Like Food Testing

Food Safety | April 8, 2020

A major subject of interest here at Make Food Safe is the theory and practice of testing. Because food safety hinges on microbes that are too small to see, tests of various kinds are crucial if you’re trying to track… read more

COVID-19 Food Safety

Food Safety,Our Blog | April 8, 2020

Unless you have been avoiding the news or living under a rock (I guess you wouldn’t have to social distance then), you have heard about the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Nothing is quite as scary as hearing about a virus that… read more

New FDA Approved Peanut Allergy Drug

Food Allergens,Food Safety | April 8, 2020

The FDA released some great news: there is now an approved medication to fight peanut allergies1 Yes, you read that correct; there is now hope for those with peanut allergies to not keep away from them like the plague. Of… read more

Food Poisoning Laclede Jimmy Johns?

Food Safety,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | February 23, 2020

Multiple reports of possible food poisoning from the Laclede Jimmy Johns led to the restaurant’s temporary closure during the weekend of January 25th.  According to The University News, at least 15 St. Louis University students reported food poisoning and two… read more

The Big Game Food Safety Tips

Food Safety | January 31, 2020

Game day is almost upon us, which isn’t really saying much – between the MLB, the NBA, the NHL, and the MLG, game day is always upon us. But you probably already knew which game I meant: the BIG GAME… read more

Eight Days of Hanukkah Food Safety

Food Safety,Our Blog | December 20, 2019

Growing up as a military brat afforded me many experiences in life. One of my most cherished would be the cultures I had the pleasure of being a part of. From the Deep South and the rich history, beautiful landscapes,… read more

Baking with Kids

E. coli,Food Safety,Our Blog,Salmonella | December 10, 2019

Knowledge is power and is something we had a lot less of when I was a kid and openly licked the beater and used a spoon in a bowl of cake batter. We consumed a lot more raw/uncooked foods than… read more

Food Safety and Travel

Food Safety | November 20, 2019

For our family went on vacation this year and spent Memorial Day with some friends in upstate New York. Between grilling out, sleeping in, and taking a break from the daily grind; it was a most relaxing time. I looked… read more

Food Safety This Thanksgiving

Food Safety | November 20, 2019

Thanksgiving is a time that many people pull out their cooking skills or test them out for the first time as this eating holiday approaches. I remember fondly my first large family gathering after I moved away from home for… read more

Another Thankful Thanksgiving

Food Safety,Our Blog | November 20, 2019

The time of year is upon us where social media and our lives in general are full of people being extra thankful for everything they have. The obvious things come to mind and like most I am focused on those… read more