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Food Safety

Holiday Party Food Safety: Share Food, Not Food Poisoning This Holiday Season

Food Safety | December 1, 2018

It is that time of year again.  Holiday potluck season!  Whether sharable dishes or catered feasts, you are bound to be invited to some kind of soiree where food is involved – if not front and center. From the first… read more

Holiday Food Safety

Food Safety | November 22, 2018

Every time another food recall hits the news, it’s hard not to get frightened. Even if you never buy that brand, it’s a reminder of how easy it is for the food supply to be contaminated. We all have vague… read more

Risky Holiday Foods

Food Safety | November 20, 2018

Food replenishes the body.  It is how we live.  We also eat for pleasure, so it is often how we thrive as well.  As we approach this holiday season, indulgence is a vice we all struggle with.  It is the… read more

Turkey Safety

Food Safety | November 18, 2018

Did you volunteer or were you voluntold that this is the year YOU are responsible for the Thanksgiving turkey?  Yes you!  You might be a pro or possibly shaking in your fuzzy house slippers at the thought of being responsible… read more

Chicken: Food Poisoning’s Most Common Source

Food Safety | November 15, 2018

According to the National Chicken Council (yes, there is a National Chicken Council, they are the national trade association for chicken producers and processors), “Chicken is the leanest, most versatile and most affordable protein out there.” In fact, the CDC… read more

The Miller and Food Safety

Food Safety | November 14, 2018

Food safety issues are becoming more dominant in discussions by stakeholders, especially the milling industry. Fortunately for consumers, recent years have seen the advancement of food safety in the supply chain. Although industry experts have always been aware of the… read more

Enjoying Raw Cookie Dough Safely!

Food Safety,Salmonella | November 14, 2018

The holidays are almost upon us, bringing with them cookies. Lots of cookies. Traditions run deep through the holidays, sugar cookies, gingerbread, and Hamentashen join chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies, chocolate chews and Snickerdoodles in a decadent parade of cookie… read more

Once Upon a Vibrio Oyster

Food Safety,Vibrio | November 13, 2018

Shellfish is much loved across America. A delicious delicacy that has been perfected throughout the generations is enjoyed throughout the year by fanatical families. This simple but tasty dish can be expertly spiced by chefs and consumers. A shellfish industry… read more

Google: The New Food Poisoning Fortune Teller?

Food Safety | November 12, 2018

Restaurant eating is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest pleasures. We are lucky to have been blessed with a plethora of dining options from countless countries around the world. This blessing has been effectively utilized by generations of women, men and… read more

CDC Releases a Comic Book

Food Safety | November 10, 2018

As someone with grown children and young grandchildren, I have witnessed in my lifetime the ebb and flow of education. What was once important has been tossed by the wayside while other educational pursuits are followed. I am in no… read more