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Could a Cyclospora Outbreak Make a Comeback?

Cyclospora,Cyclospora,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | April 5, 2019

When an outbreak happens, we have a set list of bacteria we consider and discuss quite often. Between Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, and other household names, one of the first parts of the equation is to figure out which bacteria… read more

Are We About to See Cyclospora Spring Again?

Cyclospora,Cyclospora,Food Safety,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | March 1, 2019

In 2018, Cyclospora became the reason behind one of the largest outbreaks in US history. It caused a total of 761 illnesses and even caused McDonalds to stop selling salads in over 3000 locations. This outbreak occurred in July 2018…. read more

North Carolina Town Mystery Illness Identified

Cyclospora,Outbreaks & Recalls | August 29, 2018

A town in North Carolina named Transylvania had more than 200 reports of foodborne illness reported in late July and into early August. Over 70 of those reports came from medical providers while the remaining were telephone calls to the… read more

Whole Genome Sequencing and Cyclospora

Cyclospora,Outbreaks & Recalls | August 28, 2018

We often hear of Cyclospora causing gastrointestinal illness but wonder what in the world is Cyclospora? Simply put, it is a parasite, but it is only a single cell; too small to even be seen with a microscope. The infection… read more

How are Food Poisoning Outbreaks Investigated?

Bacillus,Botulism,Campylobacter,Cyclospora,E. coli,Hep A,Legionella,Listeria,Norovirus,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella,Shigella,Staphyloccocous,Vibrio,Yersinia | August 16, 2018

Public health and regulatory officials respond to foodborne disease outbreaks much the same way that police officers respond to crime. They must work swiftly, collecting as much helpful information in the smallest amount of time possible in order to take… read more

Cyclosporiasis Outbreak in Tulsa County Oklahoma – What You Need To Know

Cyclospora,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | August 1, 2018

The Tulsa Health Department along with the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Acute Disease Service are all three investigating a recent outbreak of cyclosporiasis. Residents of Tulsa as well as many of the surrounding counties have been influenced… read more

Parasites Do Not Make a “Happy” Meal

Cyclospora,Outbreaks & Recalls | July 16, 2018

Wisconsin has now joined the list of six states in the United States which 61 people have become sickened after eating salads purchased at McDonald’s. The other states include Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska; however the most cases… read more

The Scoop on Poop: Why Your Fecal Matter Matters

Campylobacter,Cyclospora,E. coli,Listeria,Norovirus,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella,Shigella,Staphyloccocous,Vibrio | June 23, 2018

When a tummy ache becomes serious enough that your over-the-counter treatments and home remedies are just not doing the trick, it might be time to see a doctor.  If you find yourself in a doctor’s office or emergency room as… read more

Why Identifying What Caused Your Food Poisoning is Important

Campylobacter,Cyclospora,E. coli,Food Safety,Listeria,Norovirus,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella,Staphyloccocous,Vibrio | June 23, 2018

The CDC estimates each year about 48 million Americans get sick from foodborne illnesses, and of those cases, 38 million causes of those foodborne illnesses are unknown or unspecified.  They also report that 3,000 people die each year from food… read more