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Month: April 2018

More Information Emerges in E. coli Romaine Outbreak. One Farm Identified, More Answers Needed.

E. coli,Outbreaks & Recalls | April 30, 2018

Finally!  We have answers!  Unfortunately, we still do not have all of the answers.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with affected state and local health department partners are investigating… read more

E. coli in Romaine – Outbreak Continues to Grow

E. coli,Outbreaks & Recalls | April 29, 2018

Unless you have been living under a rock or have been completely out of touch with civilization, chances are you have heard about the romaine lettuce situation at least once this week.  Every day, the Centers for Disease Control and… read more

Update: Salmonella Outbreak – Three Key Ideas in the Aftermath

Salmonella | April 29, 2018

It has been eleven days since the CDC issued this statement concerning a Salmonella outbreak. The culprit: shell eggs. Twenty-three people are currently sick in 9 states. There is a high likelihood more cases will be linked to the outbreak. With… read more

Romaine Lettuce linked E. coli Outbreak Update. Growing Regions Deciphered.

E. coli,Outbreaks & Recalls | April 24, 2018

New information is emerging that has changed the direction of the E. coli outbreak that is associated with romaine lettuce. At first, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance to avoid bagged, chopped romaine lettuce. Patient interviews indicated that most of… read more

Lettuce Myths and How You Can Stay Safe

E. coli,Outbreaks & Recalls | April 21, 2018

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has expanded their warning for the E. coli outbreak that has been connected to romaine lettuce. The previous warning was limited to salad mix chopped romaine lettuce (Bagged Lettuce).  Now, it has been… read more

Voluntary Shell Egg Recall Amid Salmonella Egg Contamination

Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | April 20, 2018

Eggs are a staple at most home’s breakfast table.  Fried, hard-boiled, deviled, poached, scrambled, or baked on toast.  The egg is a protein rich meal or side dish for many. Regardless of how you serve it up, Salmonellais a risk factor… read more

The E. coli Woes: Yet Another Bout with Romaine Lettuce

E. coli,Outbreaks & Recalls | April 19, 2018

The bacterium E. coli has surely been making its rounds in some of our favorite restaurants: Chiptole, McDonalds, KFC, Wendy’s, Sizzler Restaurants, as well as others. This recent outbreak has involved Panera, where many of us purchase sandwiches and salads. The… read more

E. coli Case Count Reaches 53 – Consumer Reports Suggests Avoiding Romaine Lettuce Amid E. coli Outbreak? What Will You Do?

E. coli,Outbreaks & Recalls | April 19, 2018

Consumer Reports is a non-profit, independent organization that offers rigorous research, journalism, policy expertise, and consumer insights to provide the public with information they can use to make informed purchase decisions, provide guidance to businesses on improving the products and… read more

Nearly 200 Million Eggs Recalled Due To Salmonella Fears

Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | April 18, 2018

FDA is currently investigating a Salmonella outbreak linked to eggs being produced at Rose Acre Farms’ Hyde County Farm. The authorities have advised the consumers to not eat eggs produced at these farms because, as of 13th April 2018, these eggs… read more

Déjà vu, Romaine and E. coli Unfortunate Bedfellows Once Again. Romaine and E. coli Unfortunate Bedfellows Once Again. Wait…

E. coli,Outbreaks & Recalls | April 18, 2018

It feels like déjà vu. Romaine lettuce and E. coli are threatening our lives again, one salad at a time.  This E. coli outbreak affecting romaine lettuce DOES NOT appear to be linked to the previous outbreak experienced across two countries (United States and… read more