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Hepatitis A

Fresh Strawberries Hepatitis Outbreak

Hepatitis A,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | May 29, 2022

The FDA, along with CDC, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, state, and local partners are investigating a multi-state outbreak of hepatitis A infections in the United States and Canada potentially linked to fresh… read more

Non-viral Hepatitis Linked to Bottled Alkaline Water

Hepatitis A | April 23, 2021

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating cases of non-viral hepatitis that may be linked to bottled alkaline water, according to a press release put out by that agency. The FDA was first alerted to the problem on March 13th…. read more

Two New York Taco Bell Restaurants Warn of Hepatitis A Exposure Risk

Hep A,Hepatitis A | July 18, 2020

Taco Bell is in the hot seat yet again with a Hepatitis A exposure risk in two New York state cities.  First the restaurant scrambled for damage control when a Rome, New York employee may have exposed unsuspecting patrons.  Less… read more

Hepatitis A in Sea Salt Lobster Restaurant Worker

Hep A,Hepatitis A,Outbreaks & Recalls | June 5, 2020

By Jory Lange A Sea Salt Lobster Restaurant employee was diagnosed with Hepatitis A.  According to Maine CDC, “restaurant patrons may be at risk for hepatitis A infection.”  Hepatitis A is highly contagious virus.  The restaurant employee handled food at… read more

Fresh Thyme Blackberry Hepatitis A Outbreak

Hep A,Hepatitis A,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | December 4, 2019

The CDC has announced an increase in Hepatitis A illnesses linked to a Fresh Thyme Blackberry Hepatitis A Outbreak. The CDC and the FDA have put the public on notice that they are investigating a multi-state outbreak of hepatitis A… read more