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Attorney Reviews

“This man is an exceptional lawyer and a wonderful human being! He turned a case that I thought was a lost cause into something that made my clients, and me, very proud.” – Nohl Bryant


“He is an outstanding advocate for injured individuals and their families. He navigates the complicated legal system with ease and is relentless in the pursuit of justice.” – Devin McNulty


“Outstanding advocate. Fierce command of written and spoken word. A feared opponent.” – Anonymous Peer Review


“I have known Jory for many years.   He has always demonstrated outstanding legal ability.   His clients are lucky to have him as their counsel.”    – Anonymous Peer Review


“Make Food Safe performs an essential public service by identifying dangerous food safety concerns in real-time from contaminants like e-coli, salmonella, and listeria. During foodborne outbreaks, victims and their loved ones, benefit from this information to identify the cause and treat symptoms of food poisoning in real-time. Jory Lange consistently advocates for the victims of foodborne illness with years of experience, expertise, and battle scars to prove it. Jory Lange and his law firm truly care about people and he is willing to take the fight directly to the source. I highly recommend Jory Lange. When it comes to food safety and protecting lives, Jory will always be there.” – Andrew Sher


“I have worked directly with Jory in working up, and trying, several product liability cases. He is an excellent lawyer in every regard.” – Anonymous Peer Review 


“Jory Lange is one of the most committed and knowledgable lawyers I know. In terms of food safety, I have not met anyone else who comes close to scratching the surface of Jory’s knowledge and experience. I have gluten intolerance and these issues are highly important to me. Jory uses his training and experience to make these issues, and the issues of each of his clients, important to him as well. Commitment, knowledge, and experience coupled with dedication, now that’s truly a winning combination!” – Tom Stilwell


“Outstanding lawyer.  Highly recommend.” – Anonymous Peer Review 


“Having worked with Jory Lange and Candess Mendola, they are very professional and knowledgable about the medicine and cases. I highly recommend them!” – Karen Beyea-Schroeder


“When it comes to mesothelioma and food poisoning cases, he has the formula. These are very difficult cases and he and his partners make it appear easy. Great lawyer at a great firm.” – Dan Christensen