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Alaska Hospital Food Poisoning Outbreak

Posted in Our Blog on August 10, 2021

Alaska Health and Social Services announced via Facebook on August 7 a potential outbreak:

Please be aware that a suspected outbreak of foodborne illness is being investigated in Homer. If anyone is experiencing foodborne illness symptoms (gastrointestinal illness) and has been in the Homer area in the past week, they are encouraged to fill out a DHSS foodborne illness survey via this link:

More than 70 employees working at South Peninsula Hospital have been identified with gastrointestinal illness to date; all ill persons consumed food that had been brought into the hospital for employee meals from several local food establishments. No patients or hospital residents consumed the food. At this time, the source of the outbreak is unknown. The outbreak is being investigated by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Service’s Section of

Epidemiology in coordination with the Alaska Department of Conservation (DEC) Food Safety & Sanitation Program.

Please contact your health care provider if you have questions or concerns. Foodborne illness symptoms involved in this outbreak so far have primarily been diarrhea and stomach cramps, which have resolved quickly. Fever is not one of the main symptoms reported. Most people experiencing symptoms reported that they began to feel ill yesterday evening through this morning.

Please complete only one survey per person. This is an anonymous survey, your answers will only be used for public health purposes. Your participation is voluntary. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes.

Alaska Hospital Food Poisoning Outbreak Updates

Just today, the Alaska Health and Social Services added:

Thank you to all who participated in the public health survey regarding a recent outbreak of foodborne illness in the Homer area. The survey helped the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services’ (DHSS) Section of Epidemiology quickly determine the likely source of the outbreak.

As part of the investigation, the Alaska Department of Conservation’s (DEC) Food Safety and Sanitation program assessed sanitation and food handling practices at the business that was linked to the outbreak. It appears that the source of illness was a single food item that was prepared for hospital staff. The implicated food item was not sold to the general public. DEC has closed its portion of the investigation and has determined that there is no ongoing risk to the public.
Symptoms resolved within about 24 hours for most people who consumed the implicated food. No one involved in the outbreak was reported to have required hospitalization.

Thanks again to members of the public who helped facilitate a prompt investigation by participating in the survey!

For future awareness, please know that the public can report suspected foodborne illnesses via this webpage: or by calling or texting the Yuck-line at 907-764-9825 (YUCK); the line is staffed from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (not including holidays). For Anchorage area only please call 907-343-4200.

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