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Campylobacter Warning for Pure Pastures Dairy Raw Milk Issued After Consumer Fell Sick

Posted in Campylobacter,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls on May 6, 2024

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture issued a consumer warning for raw milk following reports of illness. Campylobacter warning for Pure Pastures Dairy raw milk was issued due to potential contamination with the harmful pathogen.

One person has fallen ill with Campylobacter so far.

Here’s what we know.

One Person Falls Ill

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, a report of Campylobacter infection has been made around Central Pennsylvania.

So far, one person has tested positive for Campylobacter infection. The patient reportedly consumed raw milk prior to becoming sick. This led health department investigators to Apple Valley Creamery, the producer for the Pure Pastures Dairy brand raw milk.

Campylobacter Found in Raw Milk Samples

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, samples obtained from Apple Valley Creamery tested positive for Campylobacter bacteria.

A Campylobacter warning for Pure Pastures Dairy raw milk was announced.

According to the agency, milk samples in the area continue to test negative for the highly pathogen H1N5 Avian Flu virus that has hit other parts of the country. This Campylobacter warning is a completely separate issue.

Campylobacter Warning for Pure Pastures Dairy Raw Milk Announcement

A Campylobacter warning for Pure Pastures Dairy raw milk, a product of Apple Valley Creamery was announced on May 2, 2024.

This announcement indicated that “consumers should immediately discard raw milk sold from Apple Valley Creamery, under the Pure Pastures Dairy label, with sell-by dates of April 3, 20024 through today.”

Consumers should immediately discard raw milk sold from Apple Valley Creamery, under the Pure Pastures Dairy label with sell-by dates of April 3, 2024, through May 2, 2024.

Potentially affected products were sold across 12 counties around Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

Places Where Affected Products Were Sold

According to the Campylobacter Warning for Pure Pastures Dairy, affected products were sold in quart and half gallon glass contains.

For your safety, heed the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture warning if you have purchased Pure Pastures Dairy raw milk products from any of the following locations:

Adams County

  • Apple Valley Creamery, 541 Germany Rd., East Berlin
  • Butcher Block Premium Meats & Seafood, 3055 Biglerville Rd., Biglerville
  • D&S Produce, 888 Bushey School Rd., York Springs
  • Etheric Connections Crystal Shop & Natural Food Store, 1863 Gettysburg Village Dr., Suite 830, Gettysburg
  • Gateau Monique, 5 S Queen St., Littlestown
  • Good Keeper Farm, 250 Old State Rd., Gardners
  • Harvest Barn Country Market, 1924 York Rd., Gettysburg
  • Homegrown Marketplace, Fairfield
  • Taylor’s Greenhouse, 265 Fairgrounds Rd., Biglerville

Berks County

  • The Deli Station, 845 Woodland Rd., Wyomissing
  • Goose Lane Egg Farm, 111 Goose Ln., Sinking Spring

Chester County

  • September Farm, 5287 Horseshoe Pike, Honey Brook

Columbia County

  • Millville Farm Market & Creamery, 650 N. State St., Millville

Cumberland County

  • Basehore Farm Market, 6080 Creekview Rd., Mechanicsburg
  • Oak Grove Farms, 846 Fisher Rd., Mechanicsburg
  • Rowan Tree Farm, 126 S Locust Point Rd., Mechanicsburg
  • Wenger Meats & Ice, 511 E Louther St., Carlisle
  • Union Mill Acres @ West Shore Farmer’s Market, 900 Market St., Lemoyne

Dauphin County

  • Radish & Rye Food Hub, 1308 N 3rd St., Harrisburg
  • Strites’ Orchard Farm Market & Bakery, 1000 Strites Rd., Harrisburg

Perry County

  • Butcher’s Farm Market, 590 N 4th St., Newport
  • Deimler’s Butcher Shop, 633 Numer Rd., Newport

Lancaster County

  • Lemon Street Market, 241 W Lemon St., Lancaster

Lehigh County

  • Cow Belle Home Delivery, Bethlehem

Northampton County

  • Easton Public Market & Highmark Farmstand, 325 Northampton St., Easton
  • Johnsonville Farm & Garden, 154 Johnsonville Rd., Bangor

Union County

  • Lewisburg Pharmacy, 50 N Second St., Lewisburg

York County

  • Eden Garden Farm Market & Orchard, 810 Franklin Church Rd., Dillsburg
  • Mad Radish Farm, 1991 George St., Dover
  • Main Street Market, 12 Main St., Glen Rock
  • The Markets at Hanover, 1649 Broadway, Hanover
  • Trailside Bulk Foods @ Markets of Shrewsbury, 12025 Susquehanna Trl., Glen Rock
  • Miller’s Country Market, 1140 Abbottstown Pike, Hanover
  • Rowan Tree Farm @ Central Market York, 34 W. Philadelphia St., York
  • Sonnewald Natural Foods, 4796 Lehman Rd., Spring Grove
  • Warrington Farm Meats, 156 Old Cabin Hollow Rd., Dillsburg
  • Wholly Holistic, 1150 Carlisle St., Ste. 8, Hanover

What is Campylobacter?

Campylobacter is type of bacteria that can cause illness in humans. Animals, such as cows, are usually asymptomatic.

This bad bug is responsible for an estimated 1.5 million illness in the United States each year.

Campylobacter Symptoms

Common Campylobacter symptoms include diarrhea (often bloody), fever, and stomach cramps. Some people with Campylobacter infections may also experience nausea and vomiting.

How Long Does It Take to Feel Sick?

People usually begin feeling sick around two to five days after ingesting campylobacter bacteria or something contaminated with it.

How Long Does It Take to Feel Better?

Most people begin feeling better in about a week. However, some people may experience additional complications.

Certain people with weakened immune systems such as those with AIDS, receiving chemotherapy, or people with a blood disorder may develop a life-threatening infection if it spreads to the bloodstream.

Potential Complications from Campylobacter Infection

Certain complications, such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Reactive Arthritis can occur from Campylobacter infections.

Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Guillain-Barré syndrome is a type of paralysis experienced by around 3,000 to 6,000 people in the United States. While there are many different ways to cause this complication, Campylobacter infection is one of them.

Guillain-Barré syndrome is the result of an autoimmune response to the body’s nerves.

It starts as a weakness and tingling sensation in the arms and upper body and can spread until muscles become paralyzed over the course of a few hours, days, or even weeks depending on the person.

Most people recover within a few weeks. However, others may take years to recover. Some may experience permanent nerve damage. Some people have even died from Guillain-Barré syndrome complications.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Disease is caused by environmental triggers, such as a bacterial infection.

This inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract often comes with symptoms such as persistent diarrhea, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding/bloody stools, weight loss, and fatigue.

Reactive Arthritis

Campylobacter infections can also cause a joint condition called reactive arthritis. This condition involves inflammation, pain, and swelling of the joints (knees, ankles, and feet). It can also affect the eyes and urethra.

Reactive arthritis symptoms may come and go. However, it can take up to a year or more to fully resolve in some cases.

Have You Become Sick from Consuming Affected Products in the Campylobacter Warning for Pure Pastures Dairy Raw Milk?

If you or a loved one have become sick from consuming products involved in the Campylobacter warning for Pure Pastures Raw Milk, it is a good idea to consult a Campylobacter lawyer.

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By: Heather Van Tassell (contributing writer, non-lawyer)