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COVID Restaurants: Could COVID Be the New Hep A?

Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | January 15, 2022

We put a lot of trust in others when it comes to people preparing our food.  At a restaurant, we expect that clean utensils are used, hands are washed, appropriate temperature control is maintained, the space is free of grime,… read more

Fresh Express Packaged Salad Listeria Outbreak

Our Blog | December 22, 2021

For those of you planning to serve salad with your holiday feasts, it is a good idea to steer clear of some Fresh Express packaged salads. This week, the FDA announced an outbreak of listeria illnesses and a recall linked… read more

Hepatitis A at Starbucks in Gloucester Township

Our Blog | November 25, 2021

Employee Tests Positive for Hepatitis A at Starbucks in Gloucester Township You may have been exposed to Hepatitis A at Starbucks.  Did you go to Starbucks in Gloucester Township on November 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, or 13?  The Camden… read more

Beaverton Oregon Legionnaires Outbreak

Legionnaire's disease,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | November 2, 2021

The local authorities and Washington County Public Health are reporting that four people have been hospitalized after several cases of Legionnaires’ disease in the Murrayhill area of Beaverton. Here is what we know about the Beaverton Oregon Legionnaires Outbreak: Beaverton… read more

Cronobacter Statistics

Our Blog | October 31, 2021

Formerly known as Enterobacter sakazakii—Cronobacter is a group of gram-negative bacteria that cause serious health problems and even death in newborns, children, and elders. Cronobacter survives in very dry conditions and is well known for being particularly dangerous for infants… read more

Georgia Fair Ecoli Outbreak

E. coli,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | October 29, 2021

Georgia state health officials are investigating whether E. coli (presumably, E. coli O157:H7) was spread at the Georgia National Fair held earlier this month. Here is everything we know about this Georgia Fair Ecoli Outbreak: Georgia Fair Ecoli Outbreak The… read more

Salami Sticks Salmonella Outbreak

Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | October 24, 2021

This weekend, the CDC announced another Salmonella outbreak. CDC, public health and regulatory officials in several states, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA-FSIS) are collecting different types of data to investigate a multistate outbreak of Salmonella I 4,[5],12:i:-… read more

Better Homes and Gardens Room Spray Outbreak

Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | October 23, 2021

On October 22, 2021, the CDC announced an outbreak of Burkholderia pseudomallei illnesses linked to Better Homes & Gardens Room Sprays. Here is everything we know in this Better Homes and Gardens Room Spray Outbreak: Better Homes and Gardens Room Spray… read more

Maine Crabmeat Salmonella Outbreak

Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | October 23, 2021

There is a new Maine Crabmeat Salmonella Outbreak. This is what we know: Maine Crabmeat Salmonella Outbreak Five cases of salmonella associated with Hardie’s Crabmeat in Deer Isle are under investigation, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and… read more

10 Sick in Kentucky E. coli Outbreak

Our Blog | October 22, 2021

A small outbreak of a specific strain of E. coli has been reported, with many of the cases in adults residing in western Kentucky. No deaths linked to the outbreak have been reported but six people have been hospitalized. Public… read more