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All Hail Greasy Food Day!

Posted in Food Safety on October 25, 2018

Greasy food whirls up a concoction of emotions for food lovers. The immense joy that can be had through devouring the latest dirty treat is unparalleled. For there is no greater cure to life’s problems than a greasy plate! I am sure endless studies into the powers of grease to fight off a full raging hangover have been united in their results to verify that it does have special curing powers. Greasy food is beautiful, delicious, and offers an explosion of tastes that makes diners want more! The world is full of greasy food with each culture giving their own unique twist on a local masterpiece. Greasy Food Day gives diners an excuse to divulge in food rich in fat, grease and, most importantly, taste. Even self-confessed health warriors and those loving life on their latest millennial diet can shake off the shackles and liberate themselves to cheat for one glorious day. Now is the time to swap a side of salad for fries and double up on dip!

First, this article does not endorse a “supersize me”-esque months long binge of greasy food. Greasy food must be eaten in moderation. However, as with Christmas and Thanksgiving, food passes can be generously given out to bask in the glory of your favorite food for one special day. For what is the point of living if we can’t enjoy ourselves every once in a while? There can be no greater enjoyment than eating anything and everything without consequence! Author Jessica Zafra states that: “greasy food might not be good for your body, but it does wonders for the soul. A healthy diet may prolong your life, but what would you have to live for? What is the point of living to a hundred if you have to subsist on bland food? One may as well die of boredom”.

Myths around greasy food have been lingering around by doomsday lovers for generations. Luckily for our attentive readers, several have been debunked. Most important amongst this is the fact that greasy foods do not cause acne. Having fat in the diet is essential to our survival. Remembering the good things in life and enjoying them regularly are the key steps to enjoying life. Consequently, get as comfortable as possible this greasy food day and treat yourself to a binge of your favorite greasy food. Favorites include hot dogs bursting with flavor, juicy hamburgers, delicious deep dish pizza and wonderful wings. Luckily for Americans, each state has local dishes that were dreamed of, and then loved, by residents. A sense of immense pride, these dishes are now symbolic for states with residents spreading the wonderful word across the country.

Examples of local greasy food delicacies across the U.S. include Buffalo wings, Texas nachos, Cuban sandwiches, and Philadelphia cheesesteak. There are countless more that could be included in the list given Americans love for greasy food. Endless amounts of oil, cheese and fat is a requirement! These foods were dreamed of by intuitive chefs and perfected throughout the state and given as a gift to guests to dining locations. Further, there can be no better time to eat this food than when hungover given that greasy food is scientifically proven to help hangovers. There is proof to the logic! Alcohol intake encourages the brain to release galanin, the neurochemical that promotes a need for fatty foods. When you wake up in the hangover state, the galanin levels in your brain are still higher than usual. This leads to wanting nothing less than a plate of never-ending glorious greasy food.

Greasy Food Day deserves celebrating in style. Having a fry-a-thon and creating new dishes can be an enriching, engaging experience. Letting your imagination run wild to fry and batter food is a perfect way to glorify grease. Turning this into a competition between friends and family also allows for that healthy, competitive edge to shine through. Get your instagram ready for this fry-a-thon could see the birth of a legend! Alas, if cooking is not a forte, venturing to your favorite restaurant in town is a wonderful way to celebrate. On October 25, you can shamelessly visit the grease bucket. There can be no greater satisfaction than supporting local businesses and celebrating the greatest type of food in the world. Loading up in a restaurant leaves the cooking to experts giving you time to get your fingers and face dirty. There is even the option of takeout if eating at home is preferred. For example, the cheese on pizza can be doubled or even trebled on greasy food day. The sight of cheese bubbling beautifully is simply irresistible!

For those still doubting the unrivalled wonders of greasy food, an explicit explanation of the wonders will be given to win over even the most skeptical. Greasy food day gives diners one day to indulge guilt-free on whatever the heart desires. Doctors will not encourage greasy food forever but for one day, you can go crazy. Additionally, fried food is easy to cook. French fries, an American staple, are just cut potatoes fried in oil. Adding spices is optional but at its simplest french fries can be made by anyone, anywhere. Many foods do not even need spices as they are incredibly tasty with their natural flavor. The smell of bacon alone will make you want to eat it!

As a Brit, I can personally validate the claim that Americans do greasy food better than anyone else in the world. My favorite experience came in Rochester, New York with the infamous garbage plate, a dish very hard to explain. This exotic mix of of hash brown potatoes, macaroni salad, a meat of some sort, eggs or grilled cheese topped with onions, mustard and ground beef chili tastes even better than anything you could possibly imagine. Chuck D’Imperio, an upstate native and author of ‘A Taste of Upstate New York’ states how: “it looks disgusting and it tastes heavenly, it’s not something you would do every day; it is something you might do after maybe you’ve been over served.” This local legend is worth the hype and definitely lived up to my high expectations. Ultimately, this greasy food day find your local legend and find out why generations of diners are still visiting in their droves.

By: Billy Rayfield, Contributing Writer (Non-Lawyer)