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National Bacon Day

Posted in Our Blog on December 29, 2019

It’s almost here folks! National Bacon Day, December 30th, is almost here. Can you feel the excitement in the air? Can you almost smell the aroma of bacon wafting from the kitchen? Can you hear the sizzle as each slice cooks to a crisp piece of thin deliciousness? Is your mouth watering as bad as mine? I hope so.

I know what you’re thinking: “what in the heck is National Bacon Day?” but let’s be honest for a minute. In all of my years on this planet I have never ran into someone who wasn’t at least tolerant of bacon. For those of you out there who dislike bacon – well, keep reading. Maybe you just need to find the right style of bacon or understand there actually are health benefits to eating it. If not, that is okay too. I will not hold it against you … for long.

There are a few dates for celebrating bacon so the dispute rages on. There is discrepancy more or less due to there being different parts of the world wanting to celebrate the date at different times. I say: what is wrong with celebrating all of them?

The story goes that back in 1997, two friends wanted to start a holiday towards the end of the year that was non-denominational and gift-giving. Since the two were infatuated with all things bacon, they came up with Bacon Day. Someday I would like to shake their hands. Over the years, this ode to all things bacon bounced around the calendar from the first Saturday in January, February 19, and the Saturday before Labor Day. Whatever day you decide to celebrate this delectable day I hope it is filled with new recipes, plenty of side dishes, and a nap.

Bacon’s humble beginnings can be traced back thousands of years to around 1500 B.C. The Chinese cured pork bellies with salt, paving the way for what we know today as bacon. You would think that something that has been around that long would naturally be a staple. The Romans not only used bacon for breakfast but for dinner as well. It was cheap, easy to cook, lasted a long time due to the curing process, and was a welcome food at any table. During Medieval times, bacon and bacon fat were used by peasants in cook. Because pigs were easy to transport, the process of curing, making, and eating bacon traveled fast from one country to another.

Among the more amazing facts there are about bacon, this one stood out the most: In the Second World War, bacon played an important role during the time of rationing. It gained popularity as reasonably priced meat for families to consume on a regular basis. People returned the bacon grease left from cooking bacon to their butcher, who in turn donated the bacon fat to the war effort. Among many uses, bacon fat was used as incendiary devices and for making explosives. (

Here are a few interesting facts from

  • A bust of Kevin Bacon was once made from bacon.
  • Bacon and Eggs are eaten together 71% of the time.
  • A 250 pound pig will yield approximately 23 pounds of bacon.
  • 53% of American homes keep bacon on hand at all times.
  • New York and Los Angeles are the top American consumers of bacon.
  • The average American eats 18 pounds of bacon a year

I would not be able to talk about bacon as much as I do if there were not a few healthy reasons to eat it as well. For those of you using the Keto diet to lose weight you are already aware of the ability to eat bacon as part of the diet. It is time to step away from the negative thinking surrounding bacon and see it for what it is. Here are just a few of the benefits bacon has according to

It is a good source of Omega-3. Omega-3 reduces cholesterol and can improve your overall heart health. Unfortunately, false claims have given bacon a bad reputation.

It is good for the brain. Bacon contains choline, which is excellent for healing abnormalities in the brain. Memory loss and Alzheimer’s have been shown to improve in case studies.

It is a natural mood enhancer. Studies show that eating bacon, due to essential vitamins and minerals, along with making you feel full, can make one feel better.

It stops food cravings. As a snack, bacon not only keeps you fuller longer because of the fat content, it has no carbohydrates so energy levels stay high.

It contains healthy nutrients. Antioxidants, selenium, iron, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, thiamin, and riboflavin complete the complete protein package or a healthier you.

For as long as I can remember, even up until the time he passed away, my grandfather ate bacon, eggs, and toast almost every morning. I can still hear him and my grandmother discussing the day as she made his breakfast. Of course, there came a time when she was not able to make him breakfast due to her own failing health but those mornings always come back to my mind when I eat bacon. I would hear my grandmother calling for me from the kitchen to come join them for breakfast and we would talk about what was happening in my life. Memories like that I cherish now that they are gone. I learned so many life lessons from them over the years but it took me quite a long time for the simplest one to sink in: breakfast is an important part of the day.

As December 30th approaches, I encourage you all to think about a new recipe that includes bacon. I have a few up my sleeve as well. Take the time to read up on the positive advantages bacon can bring to your diet as well. Let me know what you plan on making. I hope you enjoy it.

By: Dwight Spencer, Contributing Writer (Non-Lawyer)