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Fresh Thyme Blackberry Hepatitis A Outbreak

Hep A,Hepatitis A,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | December 4, 2019

The CDC has announced an increase in Hepatitis A illnesses linked to a Fresh Thyme Blackberry Hepatitis A Outbreak. The CDC and the FDA have put the public on notice that they are investigating a multi-state outbreak of hepatitis A… read more

Brazoria County Daycare Shigella Outbreak

Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Shigella | November 27, 2019

Brazoria County announced today that it has has received an increased number of Shigella cases in the Texas county over the past two months.  Most of these cases are in children. The number of cases and exact daycares have not… read more

Salmonella Outbreak Closes Doug Sauls’ Bar-B-Q & Seafood

Salmonella | November 25, 2019

Doug Sauls’ Salmonella Outbreak Closes Restaurant in Nashville, North Carolina Doug Saul’s Salmonella Outbreak.  14 people are sick with Salmonella food poisoning in Nashville, North Carolina.  10 of them ate at Doug Sauls’ Bar-B-Q & Seafood before getting sick.  On… read more

Food Safety and Travel

Food Safety | November 20, 2019

For our family went on vacation this year and spent Memorial Day with some friends in upstate New York. Between grilling out, sleeping in, and taking a break from the daily grind; it was a most relaxing time. I looked… read more

Maryland Ecoli Outbreak Goes Multistate – Are We Dealing with Romaine Again?

E. coli,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | November 20, 2019

The CDC just announced a new multistate Ecoli outbreak. Their announcement, however, is a bit odd. It appears the Maryland Ecoli outbreak cases linked to Ready Pac Foods Bistro® Chicken Caesar Salad are part of the mix (no pun intended)… read more

Food Safety This Thanksgiving

Food Safety | November 20, 2019

Thanksgiving is a time that many people pull out their cooking skills or test them out for the first time as this eating holiday approaches. I remember fondly my first large family gathering after I moved away from home for… read more

Another Thankful Thanksgiving

Food Safety,Our Blog | November 20, 2019

The time of year is upon us where social media and our lives in general are full of people being extra thankful for everything they have. The obvious things come to mind and like most I am focused on those… read more

Thanksgiving Food Poisoning – How to Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen to You

Food Safety,Our Blog | November 20, 2019

Thanksgiving is upon us folks. In just a few short days we will be gathering with family, catching up on the past year or so with new stories, commenting on how everyone (especially the children) has grown, and most importantly,… read more

Could Romaine Be the Source of the Wisconsin E coli Outbreak?

E. coli,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | November 19, 2019

Just this week, there have been several announcements of Ecoli outbreaks. On in particular, the Wisconsin E coli Outbreak, currently does not have a named source. However, it appears that salads (maybe romaine again?) may be on the list of… read more

Ready Pac Bistro® Bowl Chicken Caesar Salad Ecoli Outbreak

E. coli,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | November 19, 2019

An announcement has been made by the Maryland Department of Health that there is a Ready Pac Bistro® Bowl Chicken Caesar Salad Ecoli Outbreak in Maryland. Thus far, 7 people have confirmed illnesses in this outbreak – one of which… read more