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No Love for Bacillus – One of the Most Understudied Pathogens?

Bacillus,Food Safety,Our Blog | March 13, 2019

Certain kinds of pathogens get written about here at Make Food Safe a lot. They’re the repeat offenders of the food-poisoning world; the familiar faces that make headlines again and again. Salmonella comes up a lot. So do E. coli… read more

The Instant Pot & Food Safety

Food Safety,Our Blog | March 11, 2019

I got on the bandwagon, recently. Yes, the Instant Pot bandwagon. I heard all of the hype, following the Pinterest boards, read recipes like I was losing my mind and suddenly I felt like I “got it” and wanted to… read more

La firma de abogados Lange presenta la primera demanda en el brote de salmonela supermercado Carnitas

Food Safety,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | March 11, 2019

Jory Lange del bufete de abogados Lange, PLLC y el destacado abogado de Chicago Jeffrey Goldberg de Goldberg & Schulkin Law Offices fueron los primeros en presentar una demanda en el Brote de Salmonella Supermercado Carnitas el 11 de marzo… read more

The Lange Law Firm Files First Lawsuit in Salmonella Supermercado Carnitas Outbreak

Food Safety,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | March 11, 2019

Jory Lange of the Lange Law Firm, PLLC and prominent Chicago lawyer Jeffrey Goldberg of Goldberg & Schulkin Law Offices were the first to file a lawsuit in the Salmonella Supermercado Carnitas Outbreak on March 11, 2019. The lawsuit was… read more

Big Beef Wants to Stop Cell-cultured Meat

E. coli,Food Policy,Food Safety,Our Blog,Science | March 10, 2019

The National Cattleman’s Beef Association has released their list of priorities for 2019. According to a press release, they’re focusing on their efforts on a top priority that may be familiar to regular readers of this blog: stopping cell cultured… read more

Whale-Eating May Lead to Botulism

Botulism,Food Safety | March 9, 2019

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services are investigating a botulism death and four other illnesses following a New Year’s dinner in Nome where some traditional Alaskan dishes were served. Investigation has linked the botulinum toxin to fermented Beluga… read more

Brote De Salmonella Carnitas En Chicago

Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | March 9, 2019

Chicago no es mi ciudad natal, sino mi adoptada. He llegado a amar de verdad a esta ciudad en todas sus complejidades y peculiaridades y por lo que la hace tan adorable. Entonces, cuando alguien me informa que hay una… read more

Food Safety & Hydroponics

Food Safety,Our Blog | March 8, 2019

At first glance, you might expect that growing produce hydroponically would be safer than growing it in an outdoor environment. Hydroponic environments are controlled, after all. They’re indoors. You don’t have to deal with any of that nasty soil; the… read more

Salmonella Carnitas Outbreak in Chicago

Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | March 8, 2019

Chicago is not my hometown, but my adopted one. I’ve come to really love this city in all its intricacies and quirks and what makes it so lovable. So when someone informs me that there is a foodborne illness afloat,… read more

Supermercado Rivera Carnitas causa brote de intoxicación alimentaria por salmonela

Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | March 7, 2019

Seis personas que comieron carnitas del supermercado Supermercado Rivera el mes pasado se intoxicaron con Salmonella. Supermercado Rivera se encuentra en 4334 W. 51st St. en el vecindario Archer Heights de Chicago. Las seis personas comieron comida del mostrador de… read more