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Agriculture Myths

Food Policy,Food Safety | January 15, 2019

Everywhere you read, you can find myths on every subject available. While there are a few myths that turn out to be true, most are not. Taking the time to research them, most myths are found to have no proof… read more

Food Additives and Children’s Behavior

Food Safety | September 24, 2018

I can distinctly remember certain times in my childhood, and many of them were highlighted by food, glorious food. Food is simply wonderful in so many forms, and its associations multiply and are called forth from memory by sight or… read more

Fool Me Once, But Don’t Fool Me Twice: What’s Going Into Our Food?

Food Policy | July 21, 2018

Take a stroll and then a gander down your local grocery store aisle, the majority of which contain processed foods on the shelves. Grab a box. Grab a can. Read the ingredient list. Try to pronounce some of those multi-syllabic… read more