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Elko, Nevada: The Grille At Gold Dust West Salmonella Outbreak

Food Safety,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | March 15, 2019

A food poisoning outbreak has hit the small Nevada town of Elko this week. Here is what you need to know about the The Grille At Gold Dust West Salmonella Outbreak: According to the recent media coverage, the local health department… read more

Butterball Turkey: The Source of Salmonella Outbreak in Wisconsin

Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | March 13, 2019

It’s time to go through your freezer because there may be a problem with the turkey products in there. The CDC, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and Wisconsin Department of Agriculture are investigating a multistate Salmonella outbreak.  Wisconsin public health investigators… read more

CDC Ends its Investigation into Salmonella Chicken Outbreak

Food Safety,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | February 26, 2019

CDC has ended its investigation on an ongoing Salmonella chicken outbreak that has affected 32 states and caused 129 illnesses. In the announcement, CDC also informed that the strain found in the outbreak is widespread in the chicken industry, and… read more

Raw Milk and Salmonella

Food Safety,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Raw Milk,Salmonella | February 12, 2019

I pride myself in being the opposite of a picky eater. In my life, I have been willing to try anything at least once and try not to judge other’s food choices. There are a lot of wonderful foods out… read more

No Kisses for Hedgehogs – Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Hedgehogs

Food Safety,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls,Salmonella | February 6, 2019

In the midst of a government shutdown, the CDC was still conducing investigations to determine the sources of outbreaks. And for this multi-state outbreak of salmonella poisoning, the leading suspect is downright adorable. Who would accuse an adorable little hedgehog,… read more

Salmonella and Vegetables

Food Safety,Our Blog,Salmonella | January 23, 2019

Salmonella is one of the leading causes of food poisoning in the United States. This is, in part, because of its ubiquity. The microbe can slip past your immune defenses by piggybacking on or in all sorts of foods. Some… read more

Why is Everyone Freaking Out Over Washing Avocados?

Listeria,Our Blog,Salmonella | January 22, 2019

The FDA issued a report earlier this month warning consumers to wash the avocado properly before eating it after they found Listeria and Salmonella on the samples of avocado taken between 2014 – 2016. If you cut the avocado before… read more

Cargill to Expand Turkey-Tracing Program

Campylobacter,Food Policy,Food Safety,Our Blog,Salmonella | January 16, 2019

Cargill Meats is planning to expand the turkey-tracing program that they debuted last year. The initiative was piloted in Texas, where Thanksgiving celebrants could check out the provenance of their bird using the power of the blockchain, which was then… read more

Beef Recall; It’s Not For Dinner (Again)

E. coli,Food Safety,Our Blog,Outbreaks & Recalls | January 8, 2019

JBS USA is the Nation’s largest beef processor and the recalls are flying out yet again. This time nearly 50 tons of ground beef have been pulled from shelves due to Ecoli. CBS News reported the following: Swift Beef Co…. read more

Avoiding Salmonella with a Special Focus on Children and the Elderly

Food Safety,Salmonella | January 7, 2019

Salmonella seems to be the bacteria we can’t get away from. Just recently, ninety-two people across twenty-nine states have fallen ill with an infection due to an antibiotic resistant bacteria. What kind of bacteria is it? You guessed it! Salmonella…. read more