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Legionnaires’ outbreak lawyer

New York Legionnaires Outbreaks

Legionnaire's disease,Outbreaks & Recalls | October 10, 2018

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene confirmed another eight cases of Legionnaires’ disease from people living in the Lower Washington Heights district in Manhattan on Friday, October 5, 2018. Three people in the Bronx also have… read more

Legionnaires in Nursing Homes

Legionnaire's disease,Outbreaks & Recalls | September 27, 2018

It’s happened again: Legionnaires’ disease has infected a nursing home! Legionnaires in Nursing Homes is a major issue that is growing. This time, Summit Commons Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Providence, Rhode Island, is in the spotlight. According to… read more

Legionnaires’ in New York: What YOU Need to Know NOW!

Legionnaire's disease,Outbreaks & Recalls | July 19, 2018

Nobody likes to hear the word “disease,” especially as a current issue that’s spreading today. It’s unnerving, unsettling, and ultimately scary. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that New York City health department officials have just confirmed that a community… read more

11 People Now Sick with Legionnaires’ in Washington Heights, New York. Outbreak Investigations Continue.

Legionnaire's disease,Outbreaks & Recalls | July 13, 2018

New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood is facing a Legionnaires’ outbreak.  Investigators are searching for the source and more information.  So far 11 people in Washington Heights, located in the northern area of Manhattan, have fallen ill with Legionnaires’ disease… read more