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What I Wish My Fellow Texans Knew About Lead (And Why It Should Concern You Too)

Water | June 3, 2018

What do Flint, Michigan and Austin, Texas have in common? One scary word: Lead. I live in Texas. If you have read my bio, you already know this. You also know, I am a mother. And as a mother, I… read more

Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe?

Water | June 2, 2018

The culture of plastic bottles use is accelerating at the rate of a million plastic bottles purchased every minute, driven by the western “on-the-go” trend predominantly in China and Asia Pacific region. The Guardian also made mention of how efforts to… read more

Eating, Drinking, Breathing Plastic

Water | April 6, 2018

That the ocean is full of plastic is officially old news. It’s been almost a decade since oceanographer and racing boat captain Charles J. Moore first spotted giant trash gyres swirling in the Pacific Ocean. Widespread plastic pollution on land… read more